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Marianske Lazne – + NATURE TRAIL KLADSKÁ

21. July | 12:30 - 18:00

440(Čeština) Kč

Marianske Lazne is the youngest of the famous West Bohemian spa triangle cities. The population is approximately 13,000 and the city has an area of 51 km2. The town is located in a Valley South of the Slavkov forest, and flows through the Úšovický stream in the Centre. On the formation of a bath he is credited in the doctor Johann Josef Nehr-doctor monastery of Teplá, which in 1779 persuaded the Abbot and a few monks to try the spa treatment. The name of the Mariánské Lázně won the first spa buildings built for Mary’s spring. The city was visited by several very well known and prominent personalities such as King Edward VII, the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I., Czech opera singer Emma Destinová, r. Wagner, the composers f. Chopin, j. Strauss, a. Dvořák or even writers of f. Nietzsche , J. w. Goethe, j., Neruda, j. Seifert and many others. The dominant feature of contemporary garden city are the most beautiful spa parks.

The program of the excursion: visit to the Colonnade in the Maxim Gorky from years of 1888-1889 the Spa promenade with the singing fountain Called the Church of the assumption, the Anglican Church, the Church of St. Vladimir leisure, sightseeing tour, walking through peat + free time


21. July
12:30 - 18:00
440(Čeština) Kč
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